About Us


The Snow Pioneers is a non-profit snowmobile organization that promotes snowmobile activities within Delaware County to stimulate and advance the general welfare and safety of snowmobiling in the Delaware County area; to serve the interests of snowmobile owners in the area by development, maintenance, and marking of snowmobile trails, sponsorship of events and activities, and public promotion of the sport of snowmobiling in Delaware County.

General Information

The Snow Pioneers Trail System is one of the most widely used in Iowa, one of the most diverse and scenic trail systems within the State.  Within this system, you can go from Iowa small town life to rural life, to pristine winter wonderlands while boosting local economies and creating positive attractions.

The Snow Pioneer’s trail system has inter-linked rivers, streams, Lake Delhi, roadways, Backbone State Park, fields, public & private lands.  The Snow Pioneers provide trail maps for a modest fee at many locations in the area, including stops for fuel, food, lodging, and repairs.